Career Services For Corporations

What do your employees want? Although we often think that compensation is the primary reason that employees stay in or leave their jobs, research suggests otherwise - interesting, challenging work and the opportunity to make a difference rank higher on the list of what makes a great job.

We have already helped many organizations recruit and retain top talent by developing career paths and promotional programs that outline the knowledge, skills, and experience that are required for success. Once these requirements are outlined, we can also help you to identify training and development opportunities that will help improve both individual and organizational performance.

Career Transition Services

Regardless of economic conditions, organizations must constantly monitor performance and staffing needs. Even with the best business decisions, creative hiring processes and strong career development programs, circumstances sometimes require terminating employees. While often traumatic to the company and the employees, career transition services provide terminated employees with the help they need to secure their next position. Providing comprehensive career transition services also presents an opportunity for the organization to demonstrate their corporate citizenship. Career transition services include:

  • Adjustment to job loss assistance

  • Identification of career goal (s)

  • Labor market research

  • Development of a job search strategy

  • Resume creation

  • Interview training and coaching

  • Salary research

  • Career decision making

Career Management Services

Having the right person in the right job is important to your organization and equally important to your employees. When you expand the role of an employee to include new responsibilities or promote an employee to a new position, you want them to be successful in their new role.


George Eliot (Author) said, "It is never too late to be what you might have been. When employees are professionally guided in making career decisions, you help to ensure that success."


We can assist with:

  • Career exploration and planning strategies

  • Assessment/testing for individual abilities and preferences

  • Pre-transfer and promotion consultation

Providing Career Management and Counseling Services to Businesses and Individuals