Executive & Leadership Coaching

A leader's performance is assessed on the basis of their ability to make the organization and its employees successful, rather than on their own individual performance. Are your executives contributing to your organization's success? Every leader has strengths and weaknesses. Others create barriers to their ability to succeed in their leadership roles.

Leadership/Executive coaching helps your organization's leaders to accurately consider feedback and assess themselves, build on their strengths, and improve in areas requiring assistance. It helps leaders to improve the leadership, management and interpersonal skills necessary for the organization to succeed. Organizations choose coaching for a variety of reasons including:

Help executives meet the changing needs of the organization

Develop specific leadership skills

Identify and address barriers to success

Effectively respond to feedback (360)

Prepare for promotion, new assignments or organizational challenges

Update skills to reflect the changing workplace

The coaching process is a partnership between the executive, organization and coach. It is grounded in trust and it is confidential. It focuses on skills, behaviors and attitudes. It can be developmental or remedial. The coach is an independent third-party who can help the executive to understand and operationalize feedback.

H. S. M. Burns (Former British president of Shell Oil Company) notes, "A good manager is a man who isnt worried about his own career, but rather the careers of those who work for him."

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